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This fork is exploring the capabilities in modifying the Smart-EVSEv3 firmware.
Feel free to use this repository to build it yourself or to use the latest on from the releases folder but this is on your own risk.

Changes in regards with the original firmware

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Home Battery Integration

In a normal EVSE setup a sensorbox is used to read the P1 information to deduce if there is sufficient solar energy available. This however can give unwanted results when also using a home battery as this will result in one battery charging the other one.

For this purpose the settings endpoint allows you to pass through the battery current information:

The EVSE will use the battery current to neutralize the impact of a home battery on the P1 information.
Regular updates from the consumer are required to keep this working as values cannot be older than 60 seconds.


The sender has several options when sending the home battery current:

API Overview

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